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Are you having trouble passing Google’s Core Web Vitals?

why does this stuff need to be so so confusing?

WHAt's the deal with core web vitals?

If you are confused by Google’s Core Web Vitals you are not alone.  Many people are, and let’s face it, does Google make anything easy?

If you want to understand what Core Web Vitals mean in plain English, and want simple tips to help pass them, this course is for you!

I've been working on the tech behind blogs for a really long time.

I have been working with technology for a long time, and to me, Core Web Vitals just make sense.  I know this is not the case with most people I have met and helped get their scores up and get them to pass!

What I have noticed is most bloggers struggle to understand what Core Web Vitals mean and how to fix them because they don’t understand the technology behind what makes their site work.

We will break this down step by step to get you over the hump, with lots of examples.

Let's pass Core Web Vitals Together!

If you want to pass Core Web Vitals it is time to understand what you are trying to do in plain language.

Do you struggle with Core Web Vitals?

Failing Scores

Are you failing Core Web Vitals?

Slow Speeds

Is your blog just plain slow?


Do you struggle with where to even start?

Let me help!

This stuff does not have to be confusing, I promise!

Together we will build a fundamental understanding of how your website works for your users, before we dive into understanding Core Web Vitals.

We will also break down what these values actually mean for our blogs.

Then we will talk about the simplest ways to boost your scores.


A step by step walkthrough of how your site works, and how to pass Core Web Vitals.

What's inside the course?


Learn how your website works for your users, so you can understand what Google wants.


We'll explore what the Core Web Vitals really mean in simple language that makes sense.


Simple and actionable tips on what you can do get those scores up and pass!

Imagine if...

You understood the tech behind how your website shows your users content, and what Google wants to see with the Core Web Vitals.  We will make Google’s random acronym soup make sense together!

Features & Benefits

Beginner & Beyond

Learn the fundamentals of how a WordPress site works to understand what Google wants.

Crystal Clear Guidance

I’ve rounded up the simplest tips around for passing Core Web Vitals.

Rinse and Repeat

Use these proven methods to speed up all of your WordPress blogs!

Hi!  I’m Melissa and I’m here to help you. I developed this course because I saw how many bloggers struggled with Core Web Vitals!  From a tech site, to a mom blog, food blogs, and niche sites, I have worked hard on them all so I can share what I have learned with all of you.

 I have been a blogger since 2014, and I spent my whole career in the tech industry.  My background is in engineering, which means I see things a bit differently and I am obsessed with finding better ways to do things and make them simpler.

My time in the tech industry has given me a really interesting perspective on blogging, and I promise it doesn not have to be as hard as it seems!  When I help you technology will never be the frustrating part.

  Together we will break everything down into manageable pieces and put that seemingly scary tech to work for you, not against you

Hi! I'm Melissa!


This is a $99 dollar course I'm offering this course for FREE for a limited time because I've seen so many of my blogger friends struggle with Core Web Vitals.

You'll also get FREE updates for life and access to my exclusive Facebook group! As I add more content to the course the price will increase, so grab it now.